About Me:


My name is John Bate, welcome to my website. 


My qualifications include a Degree in Forensic Psychology, a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling and I am a certified coach. I am currently studying for a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy. I maintain my Continuing Professional Development with regular training courses and research.

I am a member of the British Psychological Society and also a member of the National Counselling Society and British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

I use an Integrative therapy model which means that I have a variety of psychological and counselling approaches and 'tools' available to introduce, if appropriate. I start with a Person Centred approach and may integrate aspects of the following:

  • Transactional Analysis,

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Exposure Response Prevention, Acceptance/Commitment, 

  • Dialectic Behavioural Therapy,

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming & the Rewind Technique.

  • Breath and control of the nervous system through focussed breathing.

I also use creative methods where appropriate and if you are comfortable to do so. With children/young people I may draw on more creative and play-oriented processes rather than relying purely on one-to-one discussion.

I love animals and am currently training up my young Cavalier "Barley" who I hope will one day become a therapy dog. I enjoy sports - in particular I do a lot of freediving (breath-hold diving under the water) - a discipline that I believe really helps me to share with my clients how to breathe in more healthy ways, ad to regulate their nerves system more effectively.

Picture: this is me.

Picture: my Cavalier "Barley", hoping to be a therapy dog one day...

Picture: Freediving - the importance of breathing correctly.