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Sessions and Fees

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Cancellation Policy: 

Fees for cancelled or missed sessions are still payable unless 24 hours prior notice is given or if there are particularly extenuating circumstances.


Please only pay once we have agreed a day and time for your appointment. You cay pay by clicking the Paypal link below, or contact me for bank details to make a transfer. Thank You.

Therapy sessions are normally weekly and each session last for one hour.

The number of sessions varies with each individual; my approach is flexible to meet your individual needs. I am solution focussed - sometimes it is important to spend time talking about what has happened and sometimes it is better to be challenged, to process and to move to a better place.

To start with we will have an initial assessment - a chance to see how we will work together, time to discuss the therapy contract and for you to tell me what has brought you to counselling.

Regular reviews of our work will take place.

Daytime and evening appointments are available.

Fees & Payment:

My rate is £80 per hour. If you have health insurance then you will need to obtain pre-authorisation for the first meeting beforehand. The hourly rate applies to therapy sessions and to any report writing or other time where my services are required. 

I am recognised by most health insurance companies; if your health insurance covers you for psychotherapy then it is likely that you can claim back the cost of counselling sessions. You will need to obtain pre-authorisation prior to the first session - if your insurer requires any forms/information from me then I can do this for you. Please understand that you will be liable for fees if your insurer declines to cover you. Please note that Allianz require a GP referral letter and psychiatrists report in order to cover therapy.

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