Performance Coaching - 'winning the mental game'

Online training sessions:

I am currently offering online high-performance coaching to small groups; this consists of 5 online video sessions of 1 hour per session. I use the Zoom messenger app for this.

Sessions will be divided up as shown below - with some flexibility in case people want to focus on a particular element:

Session 1/2:


Deep Practice


Self-Awareness & Stress Tolerance

Autonomic Nervous system (ANS) + Pre-Competition Mental Arousal State

Pre-Competition Highlight Reel

Session 3/4:


Mistake Ritual

Effective Participation – Wise Mind

Energy Conservation, Emotion Regulation & Self-talk

Positive Affirmations

Mindful Breathing


Paired muscle relaxation

Session 5/6:

Post-Competition Routine

Concentration & Focus

Acceptance – Letting go



Group information: The maximum group size is 5 people. The price per group session is £375 to be paid prior to starting; if individuals miss a session then I cannot guarantee being able to repeat the session for them individually but will try and help them with key points at a separate time.

You will be provided with an electronic copy of my "winning the mental game" workbook which we will reference throughout the course.


Date/Time: - we can arrange this between us - get in touch to see what is possible.


Privacy Policy: As this is group work there is no guarantee of confidentiality; if individuals would like to further pursue private coaching then I can discuss confidentiality with them in a separate agreement.


Data Protection: I will not store any group or individual information with regard to this coaching and therefore comply with the Data Protection (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2017.

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