The 'Rewind' Technique

How to apply for the Rewind technique:

If during the course of counselling I think that the Rewind technique is appropriate then I may offer it to you.

Alternatively if you think that it is something you would like to try then please do ask for it specifically.

The Rewind Technique is a guided imagery technique for healing trauma, anxiety and phobias, it is non-intrusive, safe and highly effective. It can also be understood as Imaginal Exposure Therapy. Rewind does not require that the traumatic experiences be retold to the therapist. It has been used extensively with soldiers who have experienced PTSD, as well as for specific anxiety, trauma and phobias. The benefit of the Rewind technique is that it does not require as many therapy sessions as traditional person centred counselling and is also faster than EMDR (a relatively popular alternative to Rewind).


The Rewind technique works by unhooking existing feelings which have been stuck, associated with past memories. The technique starts by firstly helping you to become fully relaxed, imagining a 'Relaxing place in nature'.  Using guided imagery you will then imagine watching the old scenes on a television set, played fast forward and then experienced in 'rewind' (hence the name of the technique). 

The key elements of the Rewind Technique are:

  • Activation of the memory and emotional response

  • Full relaxation

  • Reviewing and revisiting of the memory, which has the effect of 'unhooking' the memory from the 'Fight or Flight' part of the brain, allowing it to be processed in the more rational areas.

  • After the Rewind part of the technique has been completed, powerful and effective visualisation work is also possible. This can help start learning better ways of responding to old triggers or help review alternative more positive ways of responding to 'old' triggers.


Repeating this process a number of time has an effect on the mind which allows it to let go of the connection between the old memory and the emotion - allowing you to be freed from that emotion. The memory remains, but no longer triggers the old emotion.

More information can be found by clicking here.

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